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Thesis Seo : The Best Blogger SEO Templates

SEO is the important part of your blog, but unfortunately many people still don't realized about this. SEO is the main element of encouraging your site to be number one on Google search engine. If your site do not have SEO elemnt, your site probably will get less visitor.

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There are many way to promote your site with SEO, one of them is using SEO templates. Unfortunately there are little SEO template out there. Many people now get interested with flashy website without worry about how it will be impact on searc engine. Guess what? their site will be disapear because less visitor.

Its not easy to find SEO Blog templates for Blogger because peoples will sell it with high price. But in this blog I will give you the best SEO template for Blogger platform. His name was Thesis SEO Blogspot. Fro his name we know that this tmeplates actually the Blogspot version of Thesis template for Wordpress. Guess what??? Even they different platform but thier ability to work as SEO template is the same. So don't missed to download the Blogspot version one.

Thesis SEO Blogspot theme feature:
  • SEO friednly
  • Visitor friendly
  • Fresh and Simple( good for Google Adsense)
  • Dynamic Heading
  • Quicklink on comment space
  • Fast Load
  • Autoreadmore
  • Meta Tag description and Automatic Keyword
  • and many more
                                     LIVE DEMO                                                          DOWNLOAD

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Anonim mengatakan...

Since blog is one of the vital element of SEO Services so it must be attractive with a user friendly layout and must have an effective template which can convey the message in a better way.

Josue Tilton mengatakan...

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